Borrowed Time

Journeying together through climate grief

Journeying with you through climate crisis

Borrowed Time exists to enable people to support each other as they acknowledge their grief and fear over environmental collapse.

“The future looks truly frightening. It’s really hard to face.”

If you feel like that you are not alone…

“I’m afraid that the degradation and destruction is going to get worse.”

We know that there are tough times ahead, but together we can help and support each other. That’s what Borrowed Time is about.

“This is a hard time to hope. It can be hard to know what hope is now, when we don’t know where we are heading…”

Together we can navigate the difficult journey that awaits us. In doing so we can release the honesty and energy these times require.

See what we can offer, and how you might help –

Deep waters

Deep waters
Sharing feelings about climage change

Cloud and Fire

Cloud and fire
Learning to live in the Anthropocene

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