Borrowed Time

Journeying together through climate grief

Get Involved with Borrowed Time


Borrowed Time is a collaborative project. Just by participating in the Deep Waters or Cloud and Fire programmes you will be adding to our understanding of how people are affected by, and respond to, the climate and ecological crises of our time. Or you can participate in other ways: as we grow and develop our programmes, we are particularly keen to hear from people from ethnic and other minorities, and/or those on whom the consequences of climate change are falling especially heavily. If you feel that you could help to plan and steer our work and are open to our ethos, then do get in touch via our contact page.


We welcome enquiries from anyone who would like to act as a facilitator for the Deep Waters programme. We expect those who facilitate to have had experience in leading groups and discussions. Please read through the Form of Agreement for Facilitators which you will find here so that you are clear about the requirements. If they are acceptable to you then do get in touch via our contact page with brief details about yourself and any relevant position(s) you hold in church or other formal or informal groups.


Everyone has a different emotional and psychological response to the threats posed by climate change and ecological degradation. At Borrowed Time we recognise that we are at the beginning of what will be a long journey of radical change in our communities, our churches, society, and our world. If human beings are to bring about that change peacefully and with justice we will need insights and expertise from multiple places and contexts.

If you are in sympathy with our ethos, and have relevant professional or other experience that you feel could fill a gap in what we are offering, then we would love to hear from you via our contact page.

Do also let us know of any books, articles, or works of art which you have come across and which are relevant to our purpose and ethos. If you could write a brief review or description, so much the better.

As a project of a UK Registered Charity (reg no 328744) we welcome donations for our work. If you would like to contribute financially, then please do so via this link to Green Christian, where you will also find details of how to become a Green Christian member.