Borrowed Time

Journeying together through climate grief

Deep Waters Programme Outline

Deep Waters provides a faith-based framework within which anxieties and fears about climate change and biodiversity loss can be expressed and explored together.

Deep Waters has been designed for use in parish or church contexts, where it seeks to provide a practical resource for the pastoral needs that are emerging as a result of growing awareness of the threats to our future.  It also has general applicability and its use by any group in sympathy with its ethos is welcomed.  It is able to be led by any suitable person. The material is made available on the basis that it is used in accordance with the principles and guidance set out in the Notes for Participants and Form of Agreement for Facilitators.

In eight sessions Deep Waters offers a safe space where you can meet a small group of other like-minded people. With conversation, reflection, and shared experience, Deep Waters operates as a journey, exploring issues including truth-telling, mortality and justice. Focusing in particular on experiences of eco-anxiety and climate grief, it aims towards the discovery of renewed courage, clarity and purpose.