Borrowed Time

Journeying together through climate grief

Cloud and Fire Programme Outline

Cloud and Fire explores new dimensions – emotional, pastoral, spiritual and moral – of human life in the Anthropocene and in the shadow of existential climate risk.

Through the model of a retreat in daily life, participants will accompany each other for the spiritual, emotional and vocational journey further into environmental breakdown.  We will trace an Exodus not only for ourselves, but with the church and humanity at large.  We will be nourished from scriptural narratives and images which are both Judaeo-Christian and universal, terrestrial and transcendent.   

It is intended to enable those in Christian ministry (e.g. clergy, spiritual directors and members of religious communities) to deepen their theological, spiritual and pastoral responses for the new realities. The series extends across several months, with significant personal reflection in between group sessions online or in person.  It follows the shape of the Easter cycle and the Exodus journey, in exploring pain and potential despair, uncertainty and unknowing, regeneration and the remaking of mission and community.