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On this page we are collecting material for anyone who might want to explore further or go more deeply into the demanding work of opening ourselves to environmental breakdown. Some of the material will be academic, some of it more popular. If you would like to recommend an item for us to consider adding, please do so via our contact page.

On this page you will find:

Cloud and Fire Background Reading

Cloud and Fire Background Reading

The items below are suggested as further background reading for those who have signed up to a “Cloud and Fire” programme, but they are also useful to gain an idea of the wide range of perspectives on responses to climate anxiety, both in Christian and non-Christian contexts.

Don’t feel you have to read (or view) any or all of these beforehand. You may want to look at one or two beforehand and some others during the Cloud & Fire journey. Alternatively, of course, you may like to look at them afterwards.  All of these and many more articles relevant to Cloud & Fire are also posted on the Borrowed Time Facebook page.

Modes of environmental identity:

It is courage we need, not hope

Eco-grief and eco-grieving:


The limits of scientific detachment:

The loss of a future:

Should I have children?

Faith and reality

Insight of faiths for the ultimate questions:

The Christian is not there to explain:

The difficult gift of repentance:

Anchors for pastoral practice:

 And video:

Dr Panu Pikhala of the University of Helsinki is a leading researcher on eco-anxiety: how it should be characterised, and how we might constructively respond to it. He has an especial but not exclusive interest in the spiritual dimensions of eco-anxiety. His article on “Eco-Anxiety and Pastoral Care: Theoretical Considerations and Practical Suggestions” published in February 2022 is especially recommended. Read it here.