Borrowed Time

Journeying together through climate grief

Rituals and Laments for Our Times

Well-crafted ritual takes us deeper into truth. We normally address climate change through science and politics. These are activities of the mind, but we are more than mind alone. We can only take full ownership of environmental breakdown with our heart and our body.

On these pages we’re collecting resources for rituals and symbolic actions which could be used or developed to help groups of people to respond to  and to process the personal and societal impacts of climate breakdown. We hope to collect tried and tested rituals as well as to make available resources to help you to think through how best to design and conduct rituals. We are eclectic -gathering from many sources and traditions. If you have found something not represented here but which you think may be helpful to others, please do let us know.

For the most part, the resources deal with grief, lament, and hope. They involve words, collective symbolic actions, art of various kinds and intersections of these things.

This is a permanent ‘work in progress’ growing as we become aware of things.