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Pastoral care in a climate and ecological crisis

Author: Stephanie Boucher | Date: 14 February, 2022 | Category: Borrowed Time

In Green Christian we think the climate and ecological emergency is probably the greatest pastoral challenge the churches have ever faced.

We want to create places where people can meet together for a journey through climate grief and eco-anxiety. It’s work which requires new skills, new insights and new ways with words.

“Global warming and ecological collapse are threatening life, livelihood, culture and societal stability.”(Bex Craske, Earthwatch Europe.)

How do we react to these deeply unsettling truths?  Borrowed Time offers safe spaces to explore and share our responses within the context of faith.  We have programmes and resources for individuals and groups, and for ministers and others in leadership roles.

Our aims are

  • to provide and develop support and liturgies/rituals where we can work through the emotional, existential and spiritual challenges which now confront us
  • to face and explore together the threats posed by the current crises to our sense of purpose and identity
  • to inspire us to work out new patterns of discipleship which might unlock urgent political action and economic change
  • to deepen our commitment to a civilisation of love, amid growing turmoil and disorientation, and potential collapse.

As part of Borrowed Time, we have an eight week programme of sessions exploring climate grief, love, wisdom and justice, called Deep Waters. To find out more, look here.

Deep Waters offers a safe space where you can meet a small group of other Green Christians. In eight sessions of conversation, reflection, and shared experience, Deep Waters invites you on a journey through climate grief and eco-anxiety, to discover renewed courage, clarity and purpose.

Originally written by Paul Bodenham and published on the Green Christian website.