Borrowed Time

Journeying together through climate grief

Navigating the Journey

We will follow a pattern of readings and reflections, alternately gathered (on Zoom) and dispersed for “seasons” (with the option of interaction through an online forum).

Central to Cloud and Fire is the Paschal mystery, and its epitome in baptism, by which the believer participates in Christ’s surrender to death for the sake of a greater life.

There are eight meetings, each of one and a half hours, spread over a number of months. These consist of an Introductory meeting, six meetings focusing on the specific themes below, and a Liturgy at the final meeting.

In the seasons between meetings we reflect upon our responses to climate change in the light of the themes of Baptism, Lament, Repentance, Unknowing, Reconciliation, and Vocation.

Throughout the journey, we recommend keeping a notebook, particularly as you reflect on the scripture selections and your examination of conscience. Your notes will help you clarify your thoughts and contribute to the group, and they will provide a mapping of the climate landscape in the context of faith, which you can develop after the course.